Split Systems

Split System Installation & Repairs

With the press of a button, you can cool (and heat) individual rooms in your home. Split systems allow you to choose which areas require temperature control. At White Air Services, we repair and install leading split system air conditioner makes and models.

This type of system is quiet, compact, and cost-effective to run. And, as the name suggests, it doubles as your heater in winter. Split air conditioners are ideal for single rooms and small areas – a low-cost alternative to ducted reverse cycle systems.

Why This Type?

This option gives you complete control to cool and heat the rooms you spend the most time in. Split systems are easy to maintain and keep in great condition (with regular cleaning filter changes). We can work on and install the leading split systems that function the best in South Australia’s climate.

Arrange for our technicians to visit your home to advise on the layout of your split systems or repair your current models.