Ducted Reverse Cycle

Ducted Reverse Cycle Repairs & Installs

When the temperatures rise and you need an air conditioner that cools your house fast, look into ducted reverse cycle. Like a split system, ducted reverse cycle doubles as a heater, but offers relief to every room in the house. You control the entire house from one central area.

Beat The Heat

If you’re looking for the ultimate climate control solution, a ducted reverse system is it. White Air Services specialise in maintenance, repairs, and new installations.

Given that reverse cycle systems can be more expensive to run, we’ll educate you on finding a comfortable temperature to set it to, so you can keep costs down.

For complete comfort, ask about ducted reverse cycle. If you’re building a new house and would like to talk to a team of professionals about mapping your heating and cooling, ducted reverse could be a great option.

And if you already have a system installed, use our maintenance and repair service to ensure its integrity for years to come.